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Q: What guarantees can you give me?
A legitimate teacher may think twice about taking you on as a student if you ask her this. She won't want to battle with you, trying to change your mind or your expectations. It is so much more rewarding from a teacher's standpoint to work with someone who is ready to learn. Then again, an opportunistic teacher might take advantage of your naiveté. She will tell you what you want to hear, and then take your money. You, on the other hand, will probably not learn anything about singing. (See: 'How long have you been teaching?' for more on guarantees.)

Q: Can you name some notable or famous individuals that you have taught?
To say that because someone has taught somebody with a recognizable name 'they must be good' is a poor foundation for judgement. The smart individual goes looking for answers not hype.

Q: How many lessons will it take me to become good?
This is impossible to answer over the phone, so don't bother asking it. A teacher has to see you in person to make any kind of assessment. Even then, it can only be an educated guess because the variables are many. First the teacher must take into account your level of natural ability, your ability to integrate changes, and the number of bad habits you may have. But even more important are the individual's personality and level of desire. These almost always make the biggest differences.


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