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Now all of The Singer's Body resource materials are available for you to buy and use.  

  • The Singer's Body (Vocal Technique CDs): Four separate and exceptional CDs for Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Baritone make it easier for you to address the specific needs of your particular voice type. These CDs can be used as a workout or as a warm-up and contain enough vocal exercises to last you a decade.
  • The Singer's Body (Resonance Exercise CD) contains exercises that will greatly heighten your connection to sound as felt vibration throughout your body. These exercises increase vocal control and ease as well as diminish the effects of nerves and performance related anxieties. On this CD you will find practical tools that allow you to access what artists and athletes call "the zone".
  • The Singer's Body (DVD) contains effective and clearly explained vocal training methods. This DVD is recommended as a companion to the Vocal Technique CDs .
  • You choose the disc or combination of discs that you want. All discs come packaged in a DVD style case or cases with insert card.

Read what singers of all levels have to say about The Singer's Body resources:

"Orville Heyn's warm-up and resonance CDs are exceptional and his holistic approach to teaching singing is inspired, innovative and based on a deep wellspring of knowledge that he has gleaned from many sources. I believe, new singers and experienced ones alike, will benefit and gain a deeper understanding of these concepts of resonance through Orville's instructional CDs and DVD."

Erynn Marshall - (musician/teacher/author) - Gibsons, BC, Canada

"I've got these great CDs! The warm-up CD is perfectly suited for my range and the exercises come in a progression that is natural to follow while preparing me for a full night of singing. With the Resonance Exercise CD, I am able to mentally tune in consistently and the rewards are beyond measure! As a result, the freedom and creativity I now experience while singing provide me with the single most rewarding feeling I've had throughout my years of performing. I whole-heartedly recommend these resources to anyone who loves singing and wants to get closer to his or her best voice."

Mike Ferfolia - (lead singer) - The Juice, Toronto, Ont., Canada

"Orville's approach, as is evident from his CDs and DVD, instills in you an awareness of the voice and body as an instrument that goes beyond simple voice exercises or traditional singing lessons. Without question, Orville's instruction has made me a much more confident singer and performer!"

Michael Boustany - (teacher, songwriter, performer)
University of Toronto, Meisei University - Tokyo, Japan

"I found that the singing meditation [resonance exercise] made me much more aware of my body and how the vibrations of the body affect my sound. Also, I have been on a quest for several years to overcome performance anxiety and this was very helpful in letting go of that." 

Margaret Potvin - (high school music teacher) - Toronto, Ont., Canada

"Finally a whole-body approach to singing that points me straight to my own unique set of resonances! Orville's exercises have helped me turn the mind-body connection into a useful and accessible pre-show habit. They enable me to perform an entire set with the band and maintain that connection and focus. My placement is natural and I don't fry or push, even when we are cranking!"

Matt Flugger (of the L.A. band) - Chief Inspector Heat - Los Angeles, USA

"Orville Heyn's warm-up and resonance exercises are solid and inspirational. The warm-up exercises cover every aspect of the voice from range, power, control, flexibility, projection and tone. The resonance exercises aid with the mental aspects of singing such as overcoming fear, building confidence in your voice, relaxation, focus and more. Overall, these CDs will help you to become a better singer and a better musician."

Aaron Straker - (musician, songwriter) - Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk, United Kingdom

The Singer's Health -  Downloadable 4 page pdf file 

$5.00 (plus taxes)

Important: Upon completion of PayPal transaction, press "Return To Merchant" to access the download.
(Note: This download is included as a free bonus with the purchase of any CD or DVD)

"Over the last two decades I have collected many useful remedies recommended to me by professional singers, teachers and health care professionals. Many of these suggestions proved to be extremely effective and also inexpensive. The following four pages contain a collection of the most useful of those resources all singers should know about..."

To get the entire list of remedies, please BUY NOW ->

The Singer's Body - Soprano Exercises: 

$21.75 (plus taxes)

  • Contains 28 tracks and 14 exercises

  • Range: B flat (below middle C) to B flat (2 octaves above middle C)

  • Addresses female registers and break issues with specific exercises not found on the male CDs

  • Duration: 44:28


The Singer's Body - Alto Exercises: 

$21.75 (plus taxes)

  • Contains 28 tracks and 14 exercises
  • Range: G (below middle C) to G (one and a half octaves above middle C)
  • Addresses female registers and break issues with specific exercises not found on the male CDs
  • Duration: 47:16


The Singer's Body - Tenor Exercises: 

$21.75 (plus taxes)

  • Contains 28 tracks and 14 exercises specific to the male voice
  • Range: B flat (major 9th below middle C) to B flat (above middle C)

  • Duration: 49:59


The Singer's Body - Baritone Exercises: 

$21.75 (plus taxes)

  • Contains 28 tracks and 14 exercises specific to the male voice
  • Range: G (one and a half octaves below middle C) to G (above middle C)
  • Duration: 52:30


The Singer's Body - DVD: 

$26.75 (plus taxes)

  • Instruction and demonstrations
  • Menus for easy chapter access
  • Running time: 86 minutes


   coming soon
The Singer's Body - Resonance Exercises: 

(available September 2006)
$21.75 (plus taxes)

  • Contains 4 tracks
  • Body awareness through vibration
  • Suitable to all voice types
  • Duration: 64:34

Shipping and Taxes:

All sales are final and subject to Ontario Provincial sales tax (PST 8%), and Canadian Federal tax (GST 6%). Orders will be shipped by regular mail, the cost is included in the listed price. Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

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